Improving mental health and wellbeing

One of our tips for improving mental health and wellbeing over this #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek2018 is by building and maintaining good relationships with others.

Friends and family can play a key role in helping someone live or recover from mental health problems.  When someone struggles with their mental health it is important to keep friendships going.

If you are yet to tell a friend that you may not be coping and you are considering doing so, you may wish to think about;

  • Method of communication – whether this will be either face to face, over the telephone or you may even wish to write them a letter
  • Location and setting – whether you will be meeting on your own or part of a larger group.  Will you be talking in a setting which is quiet where there is less distraction
  • Activity – you could be on a walk, having a catch up over coffee or chat with someone whilst at work

When are where you start your conversation is not as important as having the conversation in the first place. Feeling comfortable and having trust in that someone is a good starting point.

Be as honest and open as you can and don’t feel afraid to suggest things they can do to help you.  Different people can offer different kinds of support and help, so try to think of what your needs are and who in your family or friends might best respond to that need.

If you feel unable to talk to family or friends other forms of help are available such as speaking with your GP or contacting the Samaritans.  The Samaritans offer emotional support 24 hours a day – in full confidence.  Call them free on 116 123

Sharing a problem is very often the first step in recovery.

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