EAP (Employee Assistance Programmes)

An employee assistance programme, commonly known as an EAP, is an employee benefit scheme provided by an employer. EAP’s are often used to assist employees with any personal or professional problems which may have a detrimental impact upon their work performance or may affect their health. Employees can self refer, be referred by their management and in some cases nominate immediate family members to be referred. An EAP is generally a service that encompasses one or more of the following; counselling, advice on mental health issues or addictions, emotional support or a referral and follow up service.

All employers have a legal responsibility to ensure the health and wellbeing of their employees at work, including minimising the risk of stress or psychological illnesses to their employees. According to the Office of National Statistics, at any one time, one sixth of the working age of the population experience symptoms relating to mental health issues, such as stress and worry. If employee’s fail to receive the support they require, this can affect performance or even contribute to absenteeism.

Curian Minds can provide comprehensive Employee Assistance Packages. We have a range of services to meet your needs and budget, from face to face counselling to legal assistance and advice, all of which can be tailored to meet your needs. We can offer services on a contractual, fully supported basis or in times of one off immediate assistance, Curian Minds can assist your business.

Our suite of services include;

Discreet face to face counselling

Remote Counselling (Via phone or Skype)

Support literature to provide guidance

24/7 Telephone support

Financial assistance

Legal Expertise

Absence Management

Staff Training

There are a number of benefits which can result from using Curian Minds Employee Assistance Programmes, including;

Improving Attendance

Reducing staff turnover

Increasing productivity

Lowering costs

Improving staff wellbeing and morale

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