Psychological Assessments

A Psychological assessment is a tool to evaluate a person’s behaviour, personality and capabilities. The purpose of an assessment can be wide ranging, however it can help with building up an accurate picture of an individual’s needs. The assessment is generally completed by a Psychologist and will consider various points depending on the aims of the assessment.

The assessment will usually consist of a method of Psychological testing, which will assist the Psychologist in interpreting the needs and capabilities of the client. It is normal for an assessment to take up to two hours, or longer if several tests are required.

A full report can be provided which will give an overall picture of a person’s emotional state as well as their cognitive function.

An assessment can help identify;

Substance abuse – such as alcoholism

Mental health issues – such as schizophrenia

Development problems

Learning difficulties

Depression or stress

And other issues

Psychological assessments are performed face to face and are completed in a relaxed, welcoming environment. Assessments can help highlight positive competencies as well as evaluating possible limitations of an individual.

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