Telephone and Interactive Video Calling – CBT

In the wake of Covid-19 we have experienced clients expressing uncertainty over continuation of face to face psychotherapy sessions and an interest in how sessions can continue, namely exploring options via a remote model.  Whilst our clients timely rehabilitation is important to us, the healthcare of both our clients and associates is paramount to us here at Curian.

Via our accredited CBT and Integrative Psychotherapist Anita Sarkar and where required our extended network, Curian offers remote therapy and remote CBT.

Therapy can be offered to anyone nationwide and will be provided via telephone or interactive video calling. Remote therapy is an effective tool to deliver Talking Therapies and is successfully utilised within the NHS, predominantly as part of their IAPT Services.

Advantages of Remote Therapy

  • Flexible in that clients can receive telephone or video calling at times which suit them
  • Can aid in the continuation of therapy for those clients who are now unable to continue with face to face sessions
  • Save clients time and money – no travelling to appointments
  • Remote therapy is not dependent on location and clients can be telephoned or video called at home or elsewhere (at work for example in a lunch break) as most people now have mobile phones
  • Assertively maintaining contact with clients dramatically improves treatment concordance and adherence to therapeutic activities. This is far better than merely recording such people as ‘Did not attend’ or even discharging them
  • Costs for therapy can be minimised as charges for therapist time over telephone/video calling is usually less than face to face

Curian Medical look forward to continuing to support our clients during these challenging times.  To understand how we can assist with our telephone and interactive video calling psychotherapy and CBT do get in touch.

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