Remote Counselling Services

Curian Medical in association with Curian Minds can offer remote counselling through our very own therapists from the new year, at a reduced rate!

Our remote counselling offers the same levels of treatment effectiveness, support, confidentiality and clinical governance of face to face treatment whilst increasing accessibility for the individual and cutting costs for our clients.

Just some of the advantages of accessing remote counselling include;

Affordability – With the reduced overheads associated with remote counselling, Curian Medical are able to pass on the cost savings to our clients offering remote counselling at reduced fees.

Anonymity – We appreciate that some individuals may be worried that someone may find out that they may be accessing treatment, remote counselling services offers the individual a higher level of privacy.

Flexibility – Providing a remote service allows us to offer a higher level of flexibility – therefore reducing the waiting time for treatment and making it more accessible.

Convenience – Remote counselling means that individuals are able to receive support from the comfort of their own home, or wherever is convenient for them.  This is extremely beneficial for;

  • individuals who may be housebound
  • people who travel frequently or are unable to commit to regular face to face appointments
  • people who live in remote areas without access to local therapy
  • carers or individuals who have dependants and are unable to attend regular face to face appointments

Remote delivery of psychological treatment over the telephone or the internet has been found to be effective in engaging patients with mental health problems, especially where anxiety or stigma may cause reluctance to access mental health services face-to-face.

Reviews have shown that for people with depression and anxiety, telephone delivered or internet delivered psychological treatment was as effective as face-to-face treatment, although some techniques needed to be adapted.

In fact, some sources have shown that online counselling was slightly more effective at treating depression than face-to-face counselling.  Internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy helped reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder with effects that lasted until well after the treatment had ended.  (Source: National Institute for Health Research, Journal of Affective Disorders, American Journal of Psychiatry)

Leading medical journal The Lancet, previously published a study validating claims that online cognitive behavioural therapy is just as effective in treating depression as traditional therapy. In addition, telephone counselling has also been recognised an effective treatment for depression.

To learn more about our remote counselling services do give us a call on 0121 732 9860 or drop us an email to  We would love to hear from you.

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